About Us

Marianna Alaberdova, together with husband Tony Brychta run The Naas Music School. The music school originally opened its doors as L’Academia di Musici in 2002, and within a few years had established itself as the number one music school in Naas. In the following years, Naas Music School has grown considerably, branching out in to many musical genres with the Athy Music School as another branch.

At our core, we take a fun and inspiring approach to music and drama education and have a lively and inclusive atmosphere which instills a love and passion for the arts. To do this, most of our courses for young children are group based, which is an environment that children thrive in the most, helping to motivate each other as well as enjoy it as a social occasion. To ensure that each child progresses consistently along with the class we feel that the parent has an important role to play in what we do, and so we involve them in the process.

When a young student joins our School, we invite the parents to attend the lessons where we educate the parent as to what it is we are trying to achieve with your son/daughter. This involves detailing the timeframe, what’s expected of both student and parent, our ethos, etc. We believe that a sustained teacher-parent relationship is crucial to the student’s success, whatever it is that success may be.

    We cater for two types of students:

  • 1) The student who wants to learn to play an instrument/sing/dance/act for recreational use only, i.e. not for the purpose of reaching extreme levels of performance ability. (In fact, most parents send their children to our school to help them grow as people, during their up-bringing, not so that their child can have a professional career in music or drama).
  • 2) The student who wants to take it all the way! With these two types of students in mind, graded examinations are an option in our School, not a rule.

In fact, much of our approach to teaching beginners does not follow traditional methods. Indeed this varies on what course we are talking about, but in general we take the approach that balances the student’s happiness with what produces the most effective results.

In some cases, the path of graded examinations is not what produces the best results, and so instead we may follow other methods, such as the Vivaldi method. Of course you are encouraged to speak at length in person with us about this before enrolling.

Throughout a students stay here at the school, they will have the opportunity to attend and perform in big concerts, small recitals, travel on school trips to see the professionals performing, and even perform at local charity events and festivals.

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